Thank you for stopping by wanting to learn more about what we can do for you. We provide hair styling and makeup services on sight and for almost any occasion. Do you have a baby shower, prom, competition, graduation, wedding or another event you need to be glammed for?  What about a film, magazine or photoshoot? Well you are in the right place! We are based in Denver but willing to travel within Colorado, as well as other major cities like New York, LA, Atlanta and more. Use the contacts tab to reach us for more details.


About The Artist

It's been a passion of Raquel's for years now to open some type of salon or start a beauty business. She has had a passion for doing hair since she was 11 and although that was the case, Raquel has been pursuing her dreams since 2015..... See more



“I’ve had the pleasure of having my hair and makeup done multiple times by Raqnatural. I’m not a woman who is BIG into makeup, however what I love and admire about my experience with Raqnatural is that the look was catered to highlight my natural strong features. I’ve had a “natural” look done as well as a more “dramatic” and both times I loved the artistry of having my makeup done and still feeling like me. She’s also extremely skilled at taking your vision and creating exactly what you envision. Not only is that talent but a skill for sure. As for my hair, every time I  loved the look. I’ve done a few braiding styles & I always get the most compliments :) it was also important that when she was doing my hair she walked me through the best ways to take care of my hair to help the style last as long as possible. She’s definitely my go to anytime I have a vision in mind. 🖤” 



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