4 Week Coaching


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If you're a little more advanced with your hair but want a little help, this is for you

This is a great next step in your journey ...


I often find myself wanting to go the extra mile with my hair and I know that talking to someone to bounce ideas off of or see what else is out there helps me. Youtubing and googling can be helpful for you if you are in this stage but also talking to someone about YOUR hair is beneficial. I am passionate about seeing growth in a person but also in their hair by helping them find what works from them. 

What to expect?


You'll embark on a 4 week journey with me: 

           - We will meet two times within this four weeks

           - You'll get homework to help you work towards answers

           - I will provide you with guides that will provide information about hair and have you dig deeper

           - Documentation is a huge part of this process

           - Weekly hair journal topics


Plus, you will get email access to Raq Natural to ask follow up questions.

Take the challenge


*All payments are non-refundable. If you select a one time payment, you will be directed to pay using a card or your PayPal account. If you select to break it up into payments, the payments will be taken out each week and withdrawn from your account. Please reach out with any additional questions.