About Me


Hi, I'm Raquel! Thank you for coming to Raq Natural Beauty for your beauty needs. I am honored to potentially help you. What I've created with Raq Natural Beauty is a space for women specifically to come as a resource to benefit from my services. I am a hair and makeup artist as well as a natural hair coach. 


The Hair & Makeup Artist


It's been a passion of mine for years now to open some type of salon or start a beauty business. I've had a passion for doing hair since I was 11 and although that was the case, I have been pursuing my dreams since 2015. 2015 is when I attended cosmetology school and found a love for makeup in addition to bettering my hair skills. After years of trying to figure out what I wanted to do full time, I realized doing hair and makeup could no longer be something I could do on the side. I am now providing services full time. 

Why I can help

Although I am not perfect and continuing learn my craft, I have years of experience under my belt. Why me for your hair and makeup services for your special day, event, photoshoot or a braid hairstyle to last you for a few weeks? Attending cosmetology school provided me with the basics and from there I built up my craft by working on people but also mannequins. I've taken classes to perfect the perfect updo and makeup courses to learn new techniques that work for my brand. 

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The Natural Hair Coach

I wanted to be a natural hair coach so that I'm able to help individuals on their hair journey. I want to help people just like you get rid of what doesn't serve you on your hair journey and find a regimen that works for you. My expertise comes from experimenting during my hair journey, attending cosmetology school, hours of research and training to become a coach. As someone who has never had a relaxer or a perm, I’ve struggled with excessive heat and color damage and find that starting over was the same as someone who did. The only way I was able to get my hair back to it’s health was to experiment, talk to someone who had healthy natural curly hair and look at my lifestyle. 


Why I can help

I embarked on my hair journey because I wanted to build a relationship with MY hair so that I'm able to enjoy my journey. I saw a photo of someone online and realized my hair was not in the condition I wanted it to be. Once I did begin I didn't know that I lacked knowledge of information to get my hair where I wanted it to be. I had large dreams for my hair as most people do for their hair.


I know what it's like to not know the answers or see the results right away. I have experienced this and help from a mentor of mine was all I needed. I can be that support for you, I can be here to bounce your questions off of and provide guidance. Over the past six years I have become obsessed with learning how to grow natural hair. In different climates and experimenting on my own hair so that I'm suit to help multiple individuals. 

Work With ME!

You have a goal and I am here to help. Whether you need your hair or makeup done for a special event or ready to simplify your hair journey, let's connect!