Hair & Makeup Looks

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When it comes to make up artist, there’s no one I value more than Raq! I don’t typically wear makeup and when I do, I tend to feel like a clown. But Raq makes you feel amazing in your own skin. She knows how to add just enough to make you shine. If I ever need a makeup artist, you better believe I’ll be calling Raq! Thank you for all you do! 💕

- Bernie

Raquel is the BEST hairdresser I’ve ever experienced in my LIFE! Here’s why; not only is she polite, sweet, always early, and VERY talented, I had a makeup artist no call no show at one of our Photoshoot’s for our makeup line! Raquel was doing our hair! Not only did she do all of our hair, but our makeup too! Last minute! And! Lol! We had no make up brushes! (Makeup artist bailed-Photoshoot in the mountains) she did our makeup with the end of a match! Photo to prove! Lol! still came out beautiful! Raquel is my #1 hair girl for all our Photoshoot’s. I recommend her 100000% to everyone, every time! My models she’s worked on always LOVE their hair, I’m talking, days later still have their braids in, LOVE their hair. Hire her! She’s the best! Honestly, If I could afford her to do my hair daily, I absolutely would ! 


- Lisa