Beauty of Natural Hair is a natural hair coaching and learning resource meant for individuals who struggle with managing their natural hair or is a parent of kids who have natural curly hair that they struggle to manage. With this service you will be provided the tools and the knowledge to find a rhythm on this hair journey as well as find a solution that works for you. As someone who has never had a relaxer or a perm, I’ve struggled with excessive heat and color damage and find that starting over was the same as someone who did. The only way I was able to get my hair back to it’s health was to experiment, talk to someone who had healthy natural curly hair and look at my lifestyle. 


Now, I know you’re probably saying why would I pay to have help when there are loads of Youtube videos which is free content, that is available? The answer is, because everyone’s hair and lifestyle is different. I am not going to give you all the answers but I will help to provide you with the coaching you need to find a solution and become knowledgeable about hair. This is for you if you are willing to put in the work, willing to experiment and be honest about your lifestyle. 

Left 2012/13, Right 2017

2 one to one Coaching Sessions

Included in this option, you will receive two coaching sessions with Raq Natural. This can be over the phone or by video. This will be a time for her to understand and ask further questions about your current natural hair struggles or what you are experiencing as a mom of kids with wavey textured hair. She will provide you with homework and work sheets that will help you with your journey. 

Online Course

Included in this option is a 4 week course learning more about hair, how to manage, hair types and so much more. You will be given homework and work sheets to make your journey easier. This course was designed to help you better understand the hair and find ways to manage it.

Plus email access to Raq Natural to ask follow up questions

Combo - 2 Coaching Sessions + 4 Week Online Course

Included in this option is the best of both worlds. You will get the knowledge about  hair, how to manage it along with homework and worksheets. You will also have access to two one to one coaching sessions with Raq Natural to ask questions about the course, receive more guidance and she will be able to ask questions to get you to a place of success. These coaching calls can be done over the phone or by video. Also, Email access to Raq Natural to ask follow up questions

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